Lower Expenses

Operating Expense Reduction

We can help you reduce your operating expenses by up to 25% with no risk and without changing your current vendors. Through machine learning and proprietary software algorithms, we analyze your expenses and use benchmarked spend data, from a $6T data lake, to ensure you’re paying only what you should, and not a dollar more. This service is provided on a contingency basis, meaning that if we don’t save you money, you don’t owe a cent. We even handle all of the vendor negotiations to implement the savings discovered.

Merchant Services/Credit Card Processing

There is very little service in merchant services these days. We give personal service and attention to your needs, guarantee that prices will never increase, and keep you current with all the most up-to-date processing equipment from simple terminals to full POS Systems. We will work closely with you to keep you PCI compliant as well, making sure every transaction is quick, smooth, and secure. Our services interface with a wide range of medical and dental software as well.