Our Services
Tools To Make Your Business More Profitable
Cash Flow is king in business.  Whether you are an entrepreneur, building a new business or a long-established business, we can work with you to increase your cash flow.  Cash Flow Strategies can help you:
  • Bring in more revenue faster and cover you in times of "cash crunch" when you need quick, short-term cash for any reason.
  • Save on your taxes in IRS-approved ways that you and/or your accountant may not be currently taking advantage of.
  • Cut expenses in every area.
One brief "cash flow checkup" will help you to see the various areas in which you can make some changes that will let you keep more of your money and make your practice more efficient and profitable.
Accounts Receivable Management
When customers owe you money, it hurts your business. We can help you automate your accounts receivable, allowing your staff to work on more profitable things, at a cost that is less than you are spending currently. This service will cut your days in A/R, save you time and money, and keep you compliant. Our performance is guaranteed in writing.

Bring In The Cash

Merchant Funding
We focus on small and medium sized business's need for fast cash to use as working capital. In just a few easy steps, you can get your company the funding it needs to expand, recover, market, launch, rebrand and more... within 72 hours you can have the money in your account ready to move forward.

Cut Expenses

Merchant Services / Credit Card Processing
There is very little service in merchant services these days. We give personal service and attention to your needs, guarantee the lowest cost for merchant servicing for life, and keep you current with all the most up-to-date processing equipment from simple terminals to full POS Systems. We will work closely with you to keep you PCI compliant as well, making sure every transaction is quick, smooth, and secure.

LED Lighting Conversions
Converting to LED lighting in your building can save as much as 70% of your lighting bill, eliminate the need to always change bulbs (guaranteed 10,000 hours). This conversion can be done without changing your current fixtures, and can be done with no money out-of-pocket. This results in positive cash flow in month 1, and can provide energy rebates and tax savings as well. LED lighting is the wave of the future. Join the wave!

Save On Taxes

If you own your building, or have done leasehold improvements, you may qualify for Cost Segregation. Engineering-based Cost Segregation Studies are the IRS-preferred method to accelerate your depreciation and potentially save you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on your taxes. We'll work with your CPA to make sure you get every dollar of savings due to you.